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Aubrey + Jen

About Us

We're Aubrey and Jen McGowan and we've been making music and babies together for over seventeen years. Our music is an overflow of the lessons learned and stories lived throughout our marriage. We share songs about the beauty of a love that is less like a shooting star and more like a rock that you can build something on, something that will last. 

We like to say that our style is folk with a good dose of country. Our debut release, Glory Days, which released on August 2020, captures the tone and the heart of this style.


We live just outside of Nashville, Tennessee with our five kids, two barn cats, a dog named Ranger and five chickens. In everything we do we want to walk together and lead our family in the way of Jesus. When we're not making music (or babies), we enjoy adventuring together and flexing our DIY skills at our little homestead.


We hope our music is worthy of your "faves" playlist and that it fills up your heart and home with joy.


Love y'all,


Aubrey + Jen




the World





"baby all that I can offer you 

is when you're wonderin' 

i'll be there wonderin' too"

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